Indigenous Chocolate Products (De'Aruhuä)

You cannot call it Indigenous Chocolate unless it really is INDIGENOUS according to the Piaroa Tribal Council at the origin of cacao. It must be grown in the original endemic or indigenous (biodiverse) territory of the Theobroma cacao genome, it must be harvested in the wild by Indigenous Peoples within Indigenous Territory, and it must be made into chocolate by Indigenous Peoples in that same territory as a finished cultural product. It must be made in accordance with the law, their laws at the Birthplace of Cacao.

Indigenous Chocolate Products

All products are subject to legal restrictions developed to regulate Theobroma cacao at its only in-situ biodiversity laboratory under the sovereign legal authority of the Huottuja-De'aruhua (Piaroa) tribal council and court. To purchase Indigenous products as Indigenous or Original a "Certificate of Authenticity" must be obtained in order to possess Free, Prior and Informed Consent or become a licensed user of Indigenous Cultural and Intellectual Property. Chocolate and cacao purchased irregularly may not use tribal names, origins, words or descriptions.

Cacao (Natural) 

Pure organic wild cacao grown by the indigenous Piaroa of the Guiana Highlands forests. One of the last "wild" original remaining forastero strains existing on the planet in its original habitat. All direct-trade cacao we produce is priced considering fair-trade standards with a higher percentage to the farmer.  


Currently we have under development our project to produce some of the best well made chocolate in the world worthy of international competition and recognition. Our Piaroa wild cacao from Paraguaza and Cardona has already been recognized in bars made by other companies.


Other handicraft products like woven baskets, hammocks and shamanic ritual stools will be made available. 


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