Donate to the De'Aruhuä Cacao Trust

Plant trees and promote the local efforts of the Huottuja Foundation to create new jobs in conservation for our people!

Donate to De'Aruhuä Cacao

All donations made to our Trust Fund are distributed directly to families when they plant cacao, we get more cacao, people are employed, trees are planted to fight climate change and forests are preserved for future generations to continue to provide ecosystem services. We all win and people get to eat Indigenous Chocolate a byproduct of the Ecosystem Services created by the Indigenous philanthropy. 

Any amount of money will get trees planted and people employed based on protractive costs donated for awards to families based on their time, place and opportunity. It costs approximately $19 over two years to produce, plant and map with a geomarker a one meter tall, staked wild cacao tree. Family grants are based on a single donor or a series of smaller donors providing $2,500 which is disbursed in 4 payments over 2 years to the family planting cacao. Families must plant 100 trees or more and map the trees with an Indigenous Conservation Officer designated by the court.

Donations Plant Trees, Investments Make Chocolate

Sometimes it seems too far away to be optimistic, while donations are getting more trees planted for De'Aruhuä Indigenous Chocolate in the coming years; hopes and plans to build a chocolate factory sometime between 2023 and 2025 are well in the works. In exchange for donations of $2,500 what we can offer are direct-trade contracts with free, prior and informed consent, FPIC Certification is actually the only 'legal way' a non-indigenous person can label their product with our point of origin or suggest any connection with our Indigenous culture.

The chocolate factory is not funded through "donations" because it will remain under the ownership of the sponsors for the first five-six years under a United Nations Sustainable Development Goals Project Plan that is a Mission Related Investment (MRI) capital asset project that involves tax-exempt charitable activity bonds which provide a higher yield for philanthropists.

Make a Donation Today

When you donate to the De'Aruhuä Cooperative & Trust Fund, all donations are applied directly towards philanthropic program development in the Indigenous State of the Amazon in Piaroa communities and settlements to grow more cacao trees, our primary economic source. 

Donations are are not applied for business or commercial purposes, but to the perpetual well-being of communities through simple agroforestry activities. You can donate $10, $50, $100, $500, $1,000 or any other amount you wish using a credit card or PayPal from here you do not need an account with PayPal to use this link.

If you know how to use the QR-Code then you can send your donation directly with it.  

This project is an official initiative that is registered with the United Nations Sustainable Development Platform. Donations are tax-deductible and this program is 501(c)(3) development through the Ecology Crossroads Cooperative Foundation which sponsors our program. 

Please see our Projects Page to see what you will be funding, there are a number of options to direct your donation when completing the scannable donation form. Thank you!