Hon. Simeon Moreño

Hon. Simeon Moreño is a sustainable indigenous entrepreneur of the Alto-Paraguaza that founded De'Aruhuä Cacao and Chocolate.

De'Aruhuä Chocolate

Pure Organic Wild (POW) Chocolate from the Guardians of the Forest

Native Indigenous People Protecting the Forests and our Futures

De'Aruhuä the 'Guardians of the Forest'

De'Aruhuä pronounced (dey-r-uwa) in the Piaroa language means, "masters of the forest, the knowledgeable ones of the forest, and/or as the protectors of the forest." It is the De'Aruhuä that plant, prune and harvest the fruit from the cacao trees. The cacao tree is planted as an agroforestry crop around the Huǫttųją (Piaroa) community which help the De'Aruhuä (forest masters) to harvest, cure, ferment and sun dry. Huǫttųją or Wötʰïhä (Piaroa) refers to our tribe, people, cultural group and language which is distinct.

Our Website

The De'Aruhuä website, trade name and trademark is developed, operated and projected by Globcal International for the foundation of the Piaroa Protectorate Partnership (PPP) with the express interest of defending indigenous sovereignty, land rights, self-determination, practicing sustainable agroecology, creating community employment in forestry, providing indigenous cultural education and protecting the natural environment. Supporters can make contributions, purchase select first-quality cacao, invest in our chocolate factory, or make plans to visit us in the Indigenous State of the Amazon.

The PPP is managed and operated by 35 selected Piaroa representatives from 13 human settlements located in the Three Rivers Protectorate of the Guiana Highlands on the Catañiapo, Cuao, and Paraguaza rivers in the Indigenous State of Amazonas. The PPP and the initiatives it develops are direct beneficiaries of the profits earned, donations received and grants awarded to De'Aruhua (dot) Com and De'Aruhuä Chocolate through Ecology Crossroads Cooperative Foundation and Globcal International when accounted for directly and categorized by participants.

Piaroa shaman with necklaces and head crown of feathers.
Abuelo Bolivar, Piaroa Shaman

De'Aruhuä Chocolate Company

Forest-to-Bar Factory Initiative

The primary objective for the WebSite is to project, market and promote the development of the De'Aruhuä Chocolate Company remotely from Kentucky as a Cooperative or LLC through the De'Aruhuä Trust to make fine chocolate with the Piaroa people using their cocoa beans in a remote state-of-the-art small-batch chocolate making factory we will provide for them in Venezuela through organization of several international cooperation projects as well as regulated and unregulated crowdfunding campaigns.

The chocolate produced by the Piaroa will promote their traditional culture, lifestyle, indigenous knowledge, spirituality, values and world-view as a people. All of the chocolate produced by the cooperative factory will be imported to De'Aruhuä Chocolate Store in Kentucky tax-exempt for national and international distribution to the European Union.

The Piaroa have over 50 new exciting chocolate superfood combinations to introduce in order to create the perfect "Food of the Gods," some recipes gain their unique indigenous flavor through natural fermentation techniques, biomaceration, combining superfruits like acai, borojo or moriche and adding medicinal tea extracts to their cacao. Their techniques have led to distinctive aromas and flavors that vary from year to year, De'Aruhuä will aim to stabilize these techniques in its business development. The Piaroa sweeten chocolate with melipona honey which has natural antibiotics and also produce their own red cane sugar which has more phytonutrients than white sugar.

All ingredients are grown, collected and harvested locally by indigenous Piaroa, we are projecting that we are funded and become operational at our new permanent faculty location on Via Gavilan at Kilometer 24.

De'Aruhua Chocolate Logo
De'Aruhua Logo
Man raking cocoa beans.
Piaroa man raking cocoa beans in the Guiana Highlands.

De'Aruhuä Indigenous Chocolate

De'Aruhuä Chocolate will be made from Piaroa Organic Wild (POW) Cacao, a natural fine aromatic single-origin cocoa bean direct from the forests of the Guiana Highlands, home of the indigenous De'Aruhuä, the "Guardians of the Forest."

One of the most impressive things about the Amazon besides the forest, is the sun which the Piaroa use for preparing their cacao before making it into chocolate to dry it after fermenting and to lightly roast it.

Chocolate with Indigeneity

Our product offers a new element to the taste and flavor of chocolate which can only be found in our hand-made product it is a combination of cru, terroir and a third indescribable flavor element we call "indigeneity" which are derived through the combination of regional wild harvested exotic fruits and medicinal plants that are added to the chocolate made by the indigenous Piaroa.

Petroglyph "sun-man" carved into rocks on the Orinoco River.
Petroglyph of the Sun-Man.

Join De'Aruhuä Chocolate

You can support the Piaroa in their quest to produce fine aromatic chocolate with what is best called indigeneity (wildness) which comes out through the people producing it and the magical remote forested lands in which it is grown.

A complete (living) proposal has been developed to form the De'Aruhuä Cacao Company and finance a five year business plan through private investment, partnerships and cooperative membership. The program will be open for almost 1 year to financing beginning late 2021 until World Chocolate and Cocoa Day on October 1, 2022 and to begin producing chocolate as soon as possible.

The entire project is based on a 5 year metered growth forecast, financing a business plan, donations and SDG Bonds.

Join us as a member with a 1% LP option, earn dividends the first year!

This startup venture is scheduled to begin in late 2021 due to COVID19.