Cacao (Cocoa)

Piaroa Organic Wild (POW) Cacao

Currently in formation is an international cooperative (social enterprise) that is being assembled and developed to bring to market the amazing wild cacao beans that are grown and harvested in the Orinoco watershed by the Piaroa of several communities in Venezuela. The beans are rare and highly desirable as an ingredient by chocolate connoisseurs worldwide. 

The cocoa beans we offer are F1 aromatic forastero 'amelonado' that are grown and harvested in the wild areas of the Guiana Highlands forests. The cacao is organic, wild-harvested, naturally cured for 8-9 days and sun-dried for 7 days.  Because the cacao is grown on the Guiana Shield it is free of cadmium, lead and other heavy metals, so they are safe for use in the EU.

Unlike other cacao, Piaroa nibs are slightly bitter and have a fruit like flavor. Beans harvested and fermented by the indigenous communities have made their way to several specialty chocolate makers like Escazu, Franceschi, Soma, Tisano and Castronovo which have all had success with Piaroa beans, they are highly prized for their unique cru and terroir that comes through in their unique flavor.

Piaroa Organic Wild (POW) Cocoa Beans

Our best cacao is harvested in March and April and is available in mid-August in one kilo bags for making aromatic organic craft chocolate at home. Our select raw cacao beans are reasonably priced $8.70 per kilo, or can be ordered as deshelled toasted cacao nibs for $17.50 per kilogram (has 25% more cacao per bag). 

Large quantities of beans (100+ kilos) are reserved for sale to cooperative members and for export FOB. Prices are negotiable depending on the quantity being purchased.

Up to 2 kilos of cacao as a professional sample for $10; it can be sent via 24-7 from Colombia for a flat fee of $20.00 ($10.00 plus $20.00 USD for shipping). FedEx is currently available for $100 more.

All shipments greater than 2 kilos will be sent at additional cost using Express Mail Service (EMS) 15 days or less. All packages are tracked using International Postal Union (IPU) standards. 

Cacao (cocoa beans) in plastic bag.
Wild cacao 1 kilo bag.