Cooperative Business Structure

Within the Indigenous World, domain and systems of organic laws and customs of what is understood, it must be understood that those who wish to do business with the Huottuja De'aruhua (Piaroa People) must do business based on our authority as a collective tribal enterprise through cooperative business models that reflect common values and equality in equitable ownership.

What does being a cooperative mean to investors?

Some investors are bothered by cooperatives because they cannot be capitalized upon as easily as an LLC or a sole proprietorship or even a corporation because of how they are structured involving one vote per stakeholder no matter how large their interest. So even when a person owns ten shares they still only have one vote, this is usually not a big deal as long as the business plan is well developed and well executed by the voters and participants in charge of the implementation team. It also reduces risk of collapse or dysfunction because of the number of people engaged.