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Contact Information

Use the Social Media or Email

Please send us a message using Facebook Messenger or you can send us an email. Sending a message by the social media will get your issue resolved best and be seen by several people who will attempt to resolve your query.

Contact Our Offices

In the United States there is currently only one primary contact for De'Aruhuä Chocolate, that is the Ecology Crossroads Cooperative Foundation's Treasury Officer, Nicholas A. Wright, who can be reached by email or on AngelList.

Contact the Executive Administrator

Located at Ekobius International in the Indigenous State of Amazonas, Venezuela, Col. David J. Wright can be reached on Facebook Messenger, by email or using WhatsApp when he has a good signal.

Business Address

Our street address for De'Aruhuä Chocolate will be in Berea, Kentucky on Big Hill Road, at the Indian Fort Theater, but currently there is no post box and mail cannot be delivered, meanwhile postal mail can temporarily be sent to:

De'Aruhuä Chocolate

c/o Ecology Crossroads

Attn: Nicholas A. Wright

302 General Smith Drive

Richmond, Kentucky 40475

Banking Information

Currently funds can only be transmitted to De'Aruhuä Chocolate or the De'Aruhuä Trust through Ecology Crossroads Cooperative Foundation by PayPal or using a credit card for either the purpose of tax-deductible donations or to purchase membership shares. You can donate on our donation page or join as a member or investor on the join us page where you can buy shares in our project.

Banking information will be published once it is available.